4400 Chestnut Street Association

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TreeVitalize: The 4400 Chestnut Street Neighbor Woods

Five London Planetrees [Platanus x acerifolia] and four "October Glory" Red Maples [Acer Rubrum] were added to the 4400 block of Chestnut Street on Saturday 28 October 2006. Pictures and story.

The next meeting of the Association

Date:    , 2006
Time:    7:30 PM
Where:   Kaffa Crossing, 4423 Chestnut Street


  • Block cleanups (see scheduled dates below)
  • Planning for the future:
Trash Receptacles
Several types of trash can screens.
Traffic calming

2006 scheduled Block Cleanups

Spruce Hill Community Association (SHCA) / University City District (UCD)
  • Saturday, April 29
  • Saturday, June 24
  • Saturday, November 4
  • Saturday, December 9
Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC)
  • Saturday, May 13
  • Saturday, June 10
  • Saturday, August 5

Other important dates in 2006

What are the goals of the Association?

What is the Association?

The 4400 Chestnut Street Association is local homeowners, proprietors, landlords, tenants, institutional representatives, and developers from the 4400 block of Chestnut Street.

Membership is open to all neighbors and persons interested in the future of the 4400 Chestnut Street community.

City Planning Commission Documents

In 2002, the 45th and Sansom Redevelopment area was defined by the City Planning Commission as extending from 44th Street to Farragut Street, Walnut Street to Chestnut Street.

In 2003, the 45th and Sansom Redevelopment area was expanded by the City Planning Commission to include the blocks north of Chestnut Street to Market Street.

The area is now defined as 44th Street to Farragut Street, Walnut Street to Market Street.

The area East of 45th Street is part of Spruce Hill. The area West of 46th is part of Walnut Hill. The blocks between 45th and 46th Streets are within the boundaries of both Spruce Hill and Walnut Hill.

45th and Sansom Redevelopment Area Plan (February 2002)
45th and Sansom Area Blight Recertification (February 2002)
45th and Sansom Expansion Redevelopment Area Plan (November 2003)
45th and Sansom Expansion Blight Certification (November 2003)
The Existing Zoning of 4400 Chestnut Street area is shown in this Map (112 KB pdf)
from the City's on-line Maps "CityMaps" database: ( http://citymaps.phila.gov/citymaps/)

Rethinking Northern Spruce Hill,
Planning Problems Workshop (Spring 2003),
Department of City and Regional Planning,
University of Pennsylvania


Sansom Street Community Coalition.
On the matter of 4508 Chestnut Street.

University City District (UCD).
University City Green (UC Green).
Spruce Hill Community Association (SHCA).
University City Historical Society (UCHS).

The University City Network.
Woodland Building Supply.

Cartographic Modeling Labratory. (NIS - Neighborhood Information System)

The Enterprise Center.

Contact Information

Block Captain:
Bill Magill
email: magill@mcgillsociety.org

Local Political Contacts:

27th Ward - Republican Ward Leader - Matthew Wolfe - (O) (215)893-9990
27th Ward - Democratic Ward Leader - Nancy Ruane - (H) (215)387-7996

Note: The 6th and 13th divisions of the 27th ward vote at the Cato Educational Center at 42nd and Ludlow Streets.

City Council: 3rd Councilmatic District - Jannie L. Blackwell - (215)686-3418,3419

State Legislature
State Senator: 7th District - Vincent J. Hughes - (215) 471-0490
State Representative: 188th District - James R. Roebuck - (215) 724-2227

Committee of Seventy, Citizens Guide (PDF file): http://www.seventy.org/electioninfo/06elections/Citizensguide2006.pdf

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