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Some typical ideas and implementations from various outher locations in Spruce Hill.

200 S. Farragut has participated in the Spruce Hill block grant program multiple years.

trash can screen elevation
trash can screen plan
Trash can enclosure (screen) diagrams - front view (left) and from above (right)

200 S. Farragut
200 S. Farragut
2001 2003
Note: The actual implementation deviated from the proposal in the original sketch.

The screens are parallel to the porches rather than perpendicular to them. This approach avoids producing a "separating barrier" between the two properties and is more visually appealing as it allows plantings in front of the screens.

This approach works particularly well when the floor of the porch is as high or higher than the height of the trash cans being screened.

Note: The addition of a "window box" planter on the top of the screen on the left in the 2003 photo.

Contact Information

Block Captain:
Bill Magill
email: magill@mcgillsociety.org

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