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MVnet-5: Public WiFi Terms and Conditions

Wm Magill - June 20, 2018
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WiFi Terms and Conditions
from the Resident's Handbook - 2018 edition
(section: Communications and Cable Services - page 20)

As a potential user of WIFI in the common areas of Retirement Living, please be aware of the following information.

Masonic Village provides free wireless Internet access (the Service) in various locations across the campus. See Appendix B, below

Access to the Service is completely at the discretion of Masonic Villages.

Access to the Service may be blocked, suspended, or terminated at any time for any reason, which can include but not limited to: violation of this agreement, disruption of Services to Masonic Village staff, infrastructure, networks, systems, or other services.

Masonic Village reserves the right to monitor and collect information while you are connected to the Service. The collection of information may be used at the discretion of Masonic Village, including sharing the information with any law enforcement agency.

Masonic Village reserves the right to withdraw the Service, change specifications to minimize risks, change access codes, passwords or other security information necessary to access the Service.

Masonic Village reserves the right to revise this agreement as needed at any time.

By using this Service, you agree to all terms set forth in this Agreement and in the following Disclaimer, each time you use the Service.


● Service provided AS IS. The Service provides access to the Internet on an "as is basis" with all the risks inherent in such access. There is no warranty or guarantee the Service provided is free of viruses, functionality, speed fluctuations, or other harmful components. By connecting to the Wi-Fi, you acknowledge and accept the risks associated with public access to the Internet and public use of an unsecured wireless network.

● Service provided AS AVAILABLE. The service provided is on an "as available basis" without warranties of any kind, no guarantees that service provided will be uninterrupted or error-free.

● Indemnity. The individual(s) agree to indemnify and hold harmless the providers or the service, including affiliates, and agents, from any claim, liability, loss, damage, or expense, that result in any way from the individual(s) use of, or inability to use the service or to access the Internet or any part thereof.

Internet Services – Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What Internet services are available?
A – Masonic Village does not provide individual Internet services. Dial up services are available but if you decide to use a dial up service, check with the Telecommunications Department to make sure the number you are dialing is not long distance.

Q – What other options for Internet service are available?
A – Windstream offers Digital Subscriber Line (DSL). This high speed Internet service runs through your phone line. Windstream can be contacted at 1-866-648-2567. Comcast offers high speed Internet service and can be contacted at 1-855-638-2855.

Q – Will my Internet service fee be on my monthly bill?
A – No. You will be billed directly by your Internet Service Provider.

Q – Whom should I call if I have problems with my Internet service?
A – You will need to contact your Internet Service Provider. Masonic Village is not responsible for issues related to Internet service.

Q – Is there Wi-Fi available on campus?
A – Yes,x there are many common spaces across campus that have Wi-Fi. Those areas have signage indicating Wi-Fi is available.

Q – How do I send an email to an employee?
A – When sending e-mail to employees use the first initial of the first name and the full last name but total characters cannot exceed (8) eight characters. Follow this by masonicvillages.org

Example – John Smith would be:  jsmith@masonicvillages.org
Example – John Stevenson would be: jstevens@masonicvillages.org

Appendix B Wi-Fi Locations

James Buchanan/Clubhose

Courtyard Cafe
Keystone Room

Brown Building

Lobby Area

Charles Eisenlohr

2nd Floor near Elevator (Covers lobby area of the Restaurant of Eisenlohr)

Louis Eisenlohr

TV Room Ground Floor

Smith North

TV/Pool Table Room

Smith South

Common Area Ground Floor

Sycamore North

Library/TV Area

Sycamore South

1st floor Lounge
Social Room

Village Apartments

1st Floor Rec Room

Village Green Area (1st Floor Common Area)

Allegheny (central lobby)
Dauphin (sitting room)
Kuhlemeier (kitchenette/parlor)
Lancaster (sitting rm/kitchenette)
McKee North (two areas sitting room)
McKee South (reading & sitting rooms)

Freemason Cultural Center

Art Studio
Brossman Salons
Lodge Dining Room (now Lodge Multi-purpose Room)
Three Loaves Cafe
Baird Wellness Center

Berks Building

Admin Office (includes Conference Room)

Goodyear Building

Goodyear Conference Room

Health Care Center

Human Resource

Masonic Conference Center (Patton)

Atrium Lobby Area
Conference Room
Function Room
Multi Media Room