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K4-13 - Installation of K4 boxes campus-wide

Wm Magill - June 18, 2018

On Jun14, 2018, Mark Eyer, Director of Retirement Living, distributed a memo to Village Green Area Residents:

Installation of K4 boxes and light switches

The text of that memo follows:

We recognize that technology is the key in helping us to improve the services we can offer in Retirement Living. One of the services we have wanted to improve is the process of how we provide a safety check for residents to make sure they have not had an accident or medical event and are unable to call for assistance. Currently, we check on residents that are on our standard meal plan and do now show up for a meal during the day. Unfortunately, that eliminates almost one half of our residents.

As part of our initiative to put wireless Internet in place across campus and out partnership with K4 Connect we no have another option. We will be putting in a K4 box and light switch with a built in motion sensor in all of our apartments and cottages. This will provide a "passive check in system." When devices are in place by the end of the year, we will use this new system. The light switch will be installed in the master bathroom.

K4 Staff will be installing the box and light switch in the Village Green Area apartments.

Attached you will find an estimated schedule for the installation of these devices. It should only take between 20-30 minutes for each apartment. We need to install these devices at this time so if you are not at home when they are ready to install the devices, security staff will be contacted to let them in.

In addition to the ability to utilize the motion sensor, the installation of the K4 Box will also give residents the opportunity to add other wireless devices in the future that will help them live in their apartments longer.

Building units Installation date
GLH 47 6/19
Allegheny 41 6/20
McKee North 15 6/21
McKee South 20 6/21
Lancaster 18 6/26
Kuhlemeir 16 6/27
Levis 12 6/27
Daman 18 6/28
Dauphin 20 6/28


Note that while this memo specifically applies to the installation schedule for buildings in the Village Green Area, the explanation and justification for the work being done apply to the entire campus.

K4 and MVNet are now part of the infrastructure of the Masonic Village; just as water, electricity, heating and air conditioning.

One assumes that similar memos with appropriate time schedules have been or will be distributed to other areas of the campus.
The entire project is planned to be completed by the end of 2018.

The K4 Box is an enabling device. It is a "smart hub" which will allow various other "Internet of Things" (IoT) i.e. smart devices to be utilized in the future. This "hub" does nothing by itself. It does not "listen in" or "watch" what you are doing in your apartment or cottage. It requires some other sensor, such as the motion detector, to trigger an action. The hub has the ability and function to gather information from multiple short-range, wireless, sensors, and to then pass that information along to a remote location via an Internet Link (the K4Community WiFi Network).

In the future, you could opt to install various other "smart" devices to allow remote control, through the K4 Community app (Village Connect Portal), of things like lights or blinds in your unit.

Note that you can also install these "smart" devices to inter-operate with Amazon's Alex, Google Home or Apple's HomeKit. There are multiple paths one can follow.

The scenario which I assume will take place is that a central Monitoring Station will receive this information from the K4 Box. The Monitoring station generates an "alarm" which then must be responded to. Each K4 Box has a unique identifier which the Monitoring Station will map to a physical resident address and related contact information and then display that information. With the current structure for the Emergency Pull Cords, Carbon Monoxide and Fire Alarms the "Switchboard Operator" (Security) has the Monitoring Station for those systems.