Lua Plugins in LOTRO under Mac OSX.

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With Update 5, "The Armies of Isengard" on 12 December 2011, the Turbine Lua Plugin Manager is available on the Character Loading Screen.

Release Notes:,_Armies_of_Isengard,_Official#Lua_Plugin_Manager

It can also be invoked in-game by the command "/plugins manager" in the chat window line.

And found on the Toolbar at the extreme left, under the Menu"arrow"button->System(Mouseover)->PluginManager

It can be assigned to a ToolBar slot via the pulldown menu for that slot. (Label is Plugin Manager).

LOTRO Lua Links

Central Clearing house for LOTRO Lua Plugins and Skins.

Lua discussions on the LOTRO Forums

Lua Documentation is posted here:
     NOTE: This is the ROI documentation, posted 19 October 2011, by Narrel.

Lua In-game Interface commands

In your client (once you have dropped the plugins into your new plugins directory), type the following command in your chat window to make sure the client has an up-to-date list of your available plugins:

/plugins refresh

Next, type the following command to dump the list of all currently available plugins to your chat window: /plugins list

The list will show you all plugins that your client is currently capable of loading as well as any plugins you already have loaded. If the plugins you want to use are not listed there, make sure the plugins are properly located in the "Plugins" folder created in step 1. If they are still not showing in the list, try restarting your LOTRO client.

To load a plugin, use the following command:

/plugins load

/plugins replace with the desired plugin's name as listed in the available plugins list from step 2 If no errors are reported in your chat window, then you have successfully loaded the plugin and can now begin using/enjoying it! If script errors are reported in the chat window, then report them to the author of the plugin you tried to load.

To unload plugins: Plugins are automatically unloaded when you log out but if for any reason you would like to manually unload a plugin you have running, you must use the unload command to unload all of your running plugins:

/plugins unload

Please note, this command unloads ANY plugins you have running so at this stage of the system, once that command is used, you must then individually re-load any of the plugins you want to continue running.

/plugins help

usage /plugins [load] <plugin name> | [unload] <script state> | [list] | [refresh] | [manager]

/plugins help

Returns a list of plugins found in the "Plugins" folder as:
Availabe or Loaded

LOTRO File locations in OSX Terminal: under CXG (WINE)

~/Library/Application Support/Crossover Games/Bottles/


~/Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online/

To install plugins for LOTRO First you need to create the folder (Directory) "Plugins" under: ~/Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online/

All plugins go into this folder.

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