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Codeweavers Crossover: version 11.1
OSX Lion: Version 10.7.4
27 inch mid 2010 iMac

NOTE: This document is a work in process and is not yet complete


* The Problem
* Do you have enough disk space?
* Did the download complete?
* How to Restart the CrossTie Installer
* How to Restart the Turbine Installer
* Configure PyLotRO
* Debuggin'

Installing the Lord of the Rings Online (or Dungeons and Dragons Online) under CrossOver (WINE) using the CrossTie installer.

While much of what is written here is applicable to WINE directly, and to a lesser extent to the various WINESKIN installations, it is only "tested" on Codeweaver's Crossover software.

A typical statement of "The problem":

I have gone through the entire installation process two times, using CrossTie.

Each time when I reach about 96% (approx) complete, I get a message that the downloader/installer encountered an unexpected error, and to try again. "sorry for the inconvenience."

However, I then attempted to follow your directions anyway, given that I did have a PyLotRO file in the Crossover files. PyLotRO will open, and shows the predicted error message. When I try to follow your directions, using the "tools" pull-down, settings wizard, select "Lord of the Rings online" ... click Find games.
At which point NOTHING happens.

... I can find files in my library using finder, but I do not find a file c:\program files\turbine\the Lord of the Rings Online. I find lord of the rings online, but no turbine file. So I am just plain stuck.

The simple answer:
It is pretty clear that what you have is an "incomplete" installation! Figuring out what is missing and fixing it is the fun part.
The gory details:
There is a lot of verbosity here, but since the "cookbook" instructions are not working for you, you need to know more about "what goes on under the hood." :)

Please read the entire document. It is presented sequentially, and you likely only need one of the two "how to" sections, but the information here will answer (hopefully) all your questions during the process.

Do you have enough disk space?

The first thought which comes to mind, and first thing to check -- how much free disk space do you have?

The PMB will fail if it runs out of disk space. It should generate a recoverable error dialog, but that does not always happen..

An installation of LOTRO needs roughly 30 gig worth of free space! (Ideally contiguous, but that is a whole different and separate topic.)

The basic download of the game installer takes approximately 11.3 gig of disk space. This includes the "High-resolution textures" files.
The download is actually a series of 19 files compressed files (as of Update 7, May 2012).
This download phase of the process takes about 4 - 6 hours, depending on the speed of your communications link, (as well as the number of sunspots and the phase of the moon!)

These files are stored in:

<user>/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/<bottle>/drive_c/users/crossover/Desktop/LOTRO High Res Install Files EN/
and nominally labeled: LOTROSetup-xx.bin.xxxxx.
Note: Under OS X Lion (10.7.x) the Library directory is a hidden directory. There are several methods to access it, including the Go menu in the Finder.

Once downloaded by the PMB, these data files are NOT deleted upon completion of the installation by the Turbine installer.
This allows you to re-install without having to re-download! (See below running the Turbine Installer directly.)
They also take up a large chunk of disk space which you can reclaim.

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Did the download complete?

If the PMB download has not completed, they xxxxx string will be downloading. Because PMB is a "torrent style" downloader, all files will tend to be in the process of "downloading" at the same time. They are all "sparse" files, pre-allocated to their maximum size of 682MB each. Since they are pre-allocated, the implication is that for "this phase" of the process, you have sufficient space.

An example, from a terminal window (installing into a bottle called "LOTRO-5" while the PMB is in process):

cd //library/Application Support/CrossOver/bottles/LOTRO-5/drive_c/users/crossover/desktop/LOTRO High Res Install Files EN
outpost> ls -s1
665152 LOTROSetup-1.bin.downloading
666000 LOTROSetup-2.bin.downloading
666000 LOTROSetup-3.bin.downloading
666000 LOTROSetup-4.bin.downloading
666000 LOTROSetup-5.bin.downloading
666000 LOTROSetup-6.bin.downloading
666000 LOTROSetup-7.bin.downloading
666000 LOTROSetup-8.bin.downloading
666000 LOTROSetup-9.bin.downloading
666000 LOTROSetup-10.bin.downloading
666000 LOTROSetup-11.bin.downloading
666000 LOTROSetup-12.bin.downloading
666000 LOTROSetup-13.bin.downloading
666000 LOTROSetup-14.bin.downloading
666000 LOTROSetup-15.bin.downloading
666000 LOTROSetup-16.bin.downloading
666000 LOTROSetup-17.bin.downloading
207560 LOTROSetup-18.bin.downloading
   856 LOTROSetup.exe.downloading
All files are downloading.
outpost> ls -s1
total 11529568
 665152 LOTROSetup-1.bin.downloading
 666000 LOTROSetup-10.bin.downloading
 666000 LOTROSetup-11.bin.downloading
 666000 LOTROSetup-12.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-13.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-14.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-15.bin.downloading
 666000 LOTROSetup-16.bin.downloading
 666000 LOTROSetup-17.bin.downloading
 207560 LOTROSetup-18.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-2.bin.downloading
 666000 LOTROSetup-3.bin.downloading
 666000 LOTROSetup-4.bin.downloading
 666000 LOTROSetup-5.bin.downloading
 666000 LOTROSetup-6.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-7.bin.downloading
 666000 LOTROSetup-8.bin.downloading
 666000 LOTROSetup-9.bin.downloading
    856 LOTROSetup.exe
Download completed for some files.
outpost> ls -s1
total 11529568
 665152 LOTROSetup-1.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-10.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-11.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-12.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-13.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-14.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-15.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-16.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-17.bin
 207560 LOTROSetup-18.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-2.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-3.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-4.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-5.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-6.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-7.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-8.bin
 666000 LOTROSetup-9.bin
    856 LOTROSetup.exe
Download completed for all files

After these are all downloaded, the Turbine Installer (LOTROSETUP.exe) should launch automatically, and decompresses those files and install them into the default directory --

<user>/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/>bottle>/drive_c/Program Files/Turbine/
at which point it will expand them to roughly 16 gig.

Then you will have roughly 28 gig worth of LOTRO! (12+16).

All of that said...

Which error message are you getting -- from PMB, from CrossOver, or from the LOTRO installer?

Did all of the PMB files download?
Since you said 96%, I'm assuming that that they did not. I don't believe any other installer actually calculates and displays a percentage -- just a moving bar.

NOTE: I have noticed on various occasions, for unknown reasons, the PMB downloader simply quits and the PMB window goes away, leaving the CrossOver Software Installer "running" -- that is to say, the "barber-pole" under "Installing Lord of the Rings Online" continues to spiral indicating "In Process..." Your system continues to function normally as does CrossOver -- only the PMB has terminated without completeing the download. Usually there is no idication of this. Occasionally the PMB simply "freezes" and a small window, or series of windows, will appear stating "fatal error."

When either of these situations occurs, the download has "probably" not completed. Occasionally, the download has actually completed, but the PMB has failed to successfully invoke the Turbine Installer. For either situation, you need to terminate CrossOver (Cmd-Q or use the pulldown), wait for it to close any bottles you have, then re-launch CrossOver itself, and re-run the CrossTie Installer from the Codeweavers LOTRO web page.

You can check for the successfull completion of the download by examining the files indicated above. If any of the files are still tailed "downloading" -- you should re-run the CrossTie Installer, and it will re-start the PMB downloader. Being a "torrent-style" downloader, it will check what still needs to be done, and just pick-up where it left off. Or if it has completed the download, simply exit and invoke the Turbine Installer.

Note: You can re-run the CrossTie Installer multiple times, and as long as you specify the correct bottle (see below) the PMB will NOT begin the download again.

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How to Restart the CrossTie Installer

The easiest way to restart the CrossTie installer is to simply return to the Codeweavers LOTRO web page and click on the green button, "Install Lord of the Rings Online via CrossTie."
Important: Make certain that when you re-start CrossTie, you select THE SAME BOTTLE you used on the previous attempt.
When the CrossOver Software Installer begins:
Click the triangle to the left of the third line: Will install into new winxp bottle
Select the bottle where you previously installed LOTRO.
(If you do not, the CrossTie Installer will create a new bottle and start the entire installation over again from the beginning.
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How to re-run the Turbine Installer

It is possible that the PMB downloader did not not start the Turbine installer when it finished.
(You can also use this technique to "re-install" LOTRO or DDO at any time.)
You can tell that the Turbine installer has not run if the directory:
<user>/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/>bottle>/drive_c/Program Files/Turbine/The Lord of the Rings Online
does not exist.

If all of the .bin files and the one .exe file are "downloaded" (see example above) -- you can run the Turbine installer directly.
To run the Turbine installer directly:

  1- launch CrossOver
  2- Using the pull-down menus select Configure/Install Software
  3- In "Select an application to install"
      Scroll down - Select "Other application"
       Note: If you select "Community Supported Applications" - "Lord of the Rings Online" the installer will invoke the CrossTie install.
  4- Click Proceed
  5- Click on the triangle on the left of the second line "Select an installer"
  6- Click on "Choose Installer Folder"
  7- Navigate to:
<user>/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/<bottle>/drive_c/users/crossover/Desktop/LOTRO High Res Install Files EN/
which contains: LOTROSetup.exe.
  8- Click on "Install files from this directory."
  9- Click on the triangle to the left of "Select a bottle into which to install" on the third line.
10- Select the bottle you have previously used to begin the installation process.
11- Click Proceed
The Turbine Installer should launch momentarily. Simply answer the questions it presents. The installation process usually takes from 20 minutes to an hour (depending upon your system and disk drives). At the completion of the installation, the Installer asks if you want to read the XXX and launch the game.
Uncheck both boxes (the Turbine Launcher will fail if it attempts to run).
Allow the Turbine Installer to complete, then click Done in the CrossOver Software Installer window.

Once the CrossOver Software Installer has completed, it will have populated the "Programs" pull-down menu with an entry for PyLotRO.
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Configure PyLotRO

Quit CrossOver.
Re-Launch CrossOver from the Applications directory /Applications/CrossOver.app.
in the "Programs" pulldown, select PyLotRO.

Once PyLotRO launches, use the "tools" pulldown, "Settings WIzard."
Select "Lord of the Rings Online,"
Click "Find Games."
Select the "C:\Program Files\Turbine\The lord of the Rings Online" entry;
Click "apply."

PyLotRO is now configured, ready for patching.

In the "tools" pulldown, select "patch;"
Click "start."
Next, you should see something like:
Connecting to patch.lotro.com:80

Checking files...
At which point, depending on the size of the patch and your line speed, go get some cofee, etc.
When "patch" displays: "*** Finished ***" ; click exit.
Select your server, enter your Account and password and click login....

And you are off to Middle Earth.

Most "full" updates: "Update X" -- typically take about an hour to patch.
"Point" updates: "Update X.y" -- take 5 - 60 minutes to patch.

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Sometimes there is useful information in the Crossover Software Installer log:
<user>/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/<bottle>/drive_c/users/crossover/Temp/Lord of the Rings Online.log

PyLotRO's configuration files are stored at:
<user>/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/<bottle>/drive_c/users/crossover/Applicatin Data/PyLotRO/
All are xml files:
  • GLSAuthServer.config
  • GLSDataServer.config
  • launcher.config
  • LotROLinux.config - persistant information
  • server.config
  • WorldQueue.config
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