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Background information

How many times have you said, "I recognize that face, but do not know the name."
Or the opposite, "I have heard that name many times, but don't know the face."
A committee of the Retirement Living Residents' Association (RLRA) of the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown (MVE) maintains the Resident Photo Directory in an effort to introduce MVE Residents to each other. However, not all of the approximately 1500 Retirement Living Residents are included in the Resident Photo Directory! Those people who did not return their "Photo Directory Release Form" are not included.

A copy of the "Photo Directory Release Form" is provided for each new Resident in the packet of information provided to them by the Marketing organization when they receive their Key(s) on move-in day. (A separate form is required for each individual Resident in order for their photo to be included in the Directory.)

As moving is a hectic time, the timely completion and return of the "Photo Directory Release Form" is frequently overlooked.

If you wonder why you do not have access to the Directory, or why you are not in the Directory, and wish to be included in the Directory; take the time to complete and return your "Photo Directory Release Form."

Obtaining the Directory

Because of the constant ebb and flow of Residents at the Masonic Village in Elizabethtown, the Directory is published in two forms.

The printed Directory

A printed version of the Directory is made available for purchase on a random basis for a nominal charge. However, this printed version is only updated occasionally, as warranted by the number of new Residents moving into or leaving the Village. These updates only reflect the most recent group of new Residents who have returned their "Photo Directory Release Form." xThe entire Directory is not reprinted with each update, and therefore complete copies of the printed Directory are no longer available to new Residents! Only Residents who have previously purchased the August 2017 printed Directory receive the updates. The printed Directory is not updated as Residents leave the Village.

The on-line Directory

To address this timeliness issue, an on-line version is also available, for free, to Residents who complete their "Photo Directory Release Form." This version is kept up-to date as new Residents complete and return their sign-up forms or as old Residents leave the Village.

This on-line version is only visible to those Residents who have completed their "Photo Directory Release Form" form, and provided an email-address.

The on-line version is available to any Resident with a digital device -- a Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop computer.

Access to the Directory

First Step: download the app

For your Smartphone or Tablet, the first step is to use that device to download the app appropriate for your device.

Assuming that you are viewing this page from the browser on your device: to download the app, click the appropriate image for your Smartphone or Tablet:

To access the Directory from your Laptop or Desktop Computer, open your browser (Safari, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.) and visit the link below:
This URL takes you to the Instant Church Directory sign-in page, which is where the RLRA Photo Directory is hosted.

Next Step

You provided an email address when you completed your "Photo Directory Release Form."
You then received an email providing instructions on accessing the Directory on-line, which included your password.

Enter your Userid and Password on this login page, hit return and begin looking for your fellow Residents.