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Original Introduction by Ken McGirr

Scotland has a unique charm and beauty of its own and the Scottish ballads are an attraction to anyone seeking closer contact with the nature and reality of this individual country north of the English border.

Whilst the music is hauntingly remembered, however, the words are very often soon forgotten. This page has therefore been designed as a permanent reminder of the words of some of our most popular songs and it is hoped it will encourage some good old fashioned community singing .

Ken McGirr

Many of these tunes were collected by Ken Mcgirr. They were recovered from the Internet Archive, via the Wayback Machine, archived in June of 2000.

I have attempted to both update the attributions (which were largely omitted in the original collection) and to match them with multiple versions and midis where available.

Much of the attibution information and comments come from "Mudcat - Digital Traditions" database:

This is a work in progress.
PLEASE NOTE: Because of the volunteer nature of The Digital Tradition, it is difficult to ensure proper attribution and copyright information for every song included. Please assume that any song which lists a composer is copyrighted . You MUST aquire proper license before using these songs for ANY commercial purpose. If you have any additional information or corrections to the credit or copyright information included, please e-mail those those additions or corrections to us (along with the song title as indexed) so that we can update the database as soon as possible. Thank You.

Should anyone know how to contact Ken Mcgirr, please let me know.
There are many links on the net pointing to his last website,
another website is also pointed to:

William H. Magill

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