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Aquarius from the Musical Hair -(Duration: 2:24 - mp3 - 4.5 Mb)

Peanuts Theme (Duration: 2:07 - mp3 - 4.2 Mb)
Vince Guaraldi Trio - A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

Road to the Isles (Duration: 2:12)

Road to the Isles - US (Duration: 2:12)

Stray Cat Strut (Duration: 3:01 - mov)

Ghost Riders in the Sky (Duration: 2:41 - mp3 - 5.3 Mb)

Auld Land Syne (Duration: 4:07 - mp3 - 7.9 Mb)

The Deil's Awa (Duration: 1:21 - mp3 - 2.6 Mb)

Tom Corbett Space Academy March (Duration: 1:32 - aiff)

Fish Heads - Barnes and Barnes (Duration: 2.26 - mp3 - 435 Kb)

Songs of the Dorsai

A flik collection

The Road Goes Ever On

Poems and songs of J.R.R. Tolkien.
J.R.R. Tolkien, elvish; Richard Elvin, vocals; Donald Swann, piano

These huge aif files, which will take a while to download, are on another page.