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The MacGill Tartan

The MacGill Tartan is a beautiful tartan consisting of a sett of six colors: red, green, black, white, yellow, and blue.

The registered MacGill tartan may be worn by several Scotts families: McGill, Gill, Cargill, gillen, Glen and Cairnes.

"The family tartan, which originated with the MacGills of Jura, was in use before 1745 but when tartan was proscribed the sett seemed to have been lost until a piece was discovered in Kintyre. It is now in the Museum of Antiquities, Edinburgh. The current version, which first appeared in 1930, is known as the MacGill Society tartan." (Source: James Pringle Weavers.)

These tartan images below are from The House of Tartan. They have a full line of products in the MacGill Tartan as well as the tartan fabric itself.

It is referred to via the index number 1487 in the MacGregor Hastie Collection.

Color names

There are several tartan variations with differently named colour schemes. "Ancient" colors are distinct from "modern" colors by being less saturated in tone and lighter in shade. The term 'modern' refers to the analine dyes introduced c.1860 which produced darker greens and blues and a richer reds and yellows. The term 'ancient' should not be confused with the age of the design.

"Muted" colors. A range of tones only slightly different from 'Modern'. The shades are more subtle, for example, green looks more like olive green.

"Reproduction" colors were created to represent the colors found in a piece of tartan found at Culloden Battlefield. The cloth was around 200 years old and had been preserved by the peat. The colors are therefore made up of brown shades.

"Antique" colors were devised in recent times, (by Johnston's of Elgin) to represent the warmth and charm of fabrics aged by the sun.

 Standard Tartan image  Modern Tartan image
Standard Modern
 Ancient Tartan image  Muted Tartan image
Ancient Muted
 Antique Tartan image  Reproduction Tartan image
Antique Reproduction

Tartan Name: MacGill Clan Tartan
Tartan Ref: WR1487
Description: This sample comes from the MacGregor-Hastie collection which forms the basis of the cloth archive of the Scottish Tartans Society. [Scottish tartans Museum.] Some of the samples, including this one, were unmarked. One can assume that the sample dates between 1930 and 1950.
Image: Reproduction Tartan image

The above is also known by the International Tartan Index number: ITI No:001487

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