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Sir Ian Arthur Alexander Makgill, Bt.
[14 Oct 1969 - ]

The 14th Viscount (of) Oxfuird, Lord Makgill of Cousland, a Baronet and Chief of Makgill succeeded his Father, Sir George Hubbard Makgill, Bt., 13th Viscount Oxfuird, who succeeded his uncle, Sir John Donald Alexander Makgill, Bt., the 12th Viscount in 1986. [1899-1986]

The 13th Viscount Oxfuird died on 3 January 2003. [1934-2003]

The Rt Hon The Viscount of Oxfuird,
28B Prince of Wales Mansions,
Prince of Wales Dve,
London SW11 4BQ

Lord Oxfuird has three brothers: a twin, Robert Edward; Hamish Alister; and Edward Anthony. His mother, Venitia (Vee), has an equally interesting Scots history, being able to trace her family decent to Robert the Bruce. Her maiden name was Steward, the former name of Clan Stewart. The family estate in Kemback, near Dundee, sold in the 1920s, they now reside at Hill House, St Mary Bourne.

Memorials to Sir George Hubbard Makgill, Bt.

Information on Kemback.

Information on the Arms of Oxfuird

The title Viscount of Oxfuird was created in 1651 for Sir James Makgill, Baronet, along with the subsidiary title of Lord Makgill of Cousland, with remainder to heirs male whomsoever, a Scottish concept that permitted inheritance by persons not descended from the original grantee,but descended in the male line from male-line ancestors of the grantee.

At the death of the second Viscount, no-one claimed the titles, including the baronetcy, so they all became dormant. The person who should have been fourth Viscount attempted to prove his claim, but was unsuccessful. Thereafter, the matter was generally left alone, until the de jure tenth Viscount actively pressed his claim to the viscountcy and baronetcy. Shortly after his death, litigation was resolved in his favour in regards to the baronetcy, but the viscountcy still remained dormant. John Makgill's successors also petitioned to revive the viscountcy, but their claims were not admitted until 1977, when Sir John Donald Arthur Alexander Makgill was declared 12th Viscount of Oxfuird.

Viscounts of Oxfuird

Additional information on the titles Viscount and Baronet, and the Peerage.

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MAKGILL: The Viscount of Oxfuird, Hill House, St. Mary Bourne. Andover, Hants SP11 6BG

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