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Spellings: ma*gill: MacGill, Macgill, Magill, Makgill, McGill, Mcgill
The Lord Lyon and the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs recognize "Makgill" as the clan name, this being the name of the Chief.
However, most tartan companies and the like use the "Macgill" or "Mcgill" spelling.

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The MacGill Society USA, was founded in 1985 in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, by a small group of MacGills with the following objectives:

The Martlet

The Martlet - is the newsletter of the MacGill Society.

The Makgill / Macgill Tartan

The Makgill/Macgill Tartan is a beautiful tartan consisting of a sett of six colors: red, green, black, white, yellow, and blue. The registered MacGill tartan may be worn by several Scotts families: McGill, Gill, Cargill, gillen, Glen and Cairnes. Tartan information

The Makgill / Macgill Clan Badge

The wearing of the clan crest badge is a symbol of kinship. In older days, the chief of a clan gave his kinsman and followers his crest to wear. The modern representation of this badge is the crest of the Chief circled by a strap and buckle. The Chief's motto is engraved around the strap. This is the only form in which a clansman or follower is allowed to wear his Chief's crest. Only the Chief and his heir may wear the crest without the strap and buckle. ["The Clans and Tartans of Scotland; Robert Bain]
 Clan Badge image
Clan Badge

Arms associated with the Clan

 Mcgill Arms image 1  Mcgill Arms image 2
Arms Arms
These versions from (a now defunct website)
Designs of Wonder, copyright © J.M. Eliott

Note that these "arms" are actually fictional as they are not registered to a particular individual, but rather artistic interpretations of the hearldric descriptions. The actual arms of the Chief of the Clan are described here.


Sine Fine - Without End (also translated: Always and Forever)

Derivation of the name.

In "Surnames of Scotland," Black suggests that the name derives from the Gaelic: 'Mac an ghoill' - "son of the lowlander" or "son of the stranger".

Though a Clan in its own right, Makgill is closely associated with Clan Donald. Of original Clan Donald blood, from Islay or Jura.
No more than 1 in 8 Gills originally had a 'Mac' prefix.
Some MacColls may also derive from this name.

Originally from Islay and Jura - Clan Donald South.

More versions of the name and its derivation.

Chief of the Name

Sir Ian Arthur Alexander Makgill, Bt. Viscount of Oxfuird, 14th Baronet of Nova Scotia

The MacGill Society Officers

William H. Magill - Philadelphia, PA
Dennis McGill - Valdese, NC
Past Presidents
Dennis McGill - Valdese, NC
J. Carroll McGill - Berea, KY
Fred Houston - Atlanta, GA
Harriet MacGill Perry - Ocean Springs, MS

Membership information

There are nearly thirty obvious variations of spelling of the surname. All are pronounced virtually the same.

Common spellings for ma*gill include: MacGill, Macgill, Magill, Makgill, McGill, Mcgill, MacGille, MacGyle, MacGyll, Macan’Gaill, MacGeil, MacGhill, MacGall, MacIghail, etc.

The Society is currently dormant. The newsletter has not been published now for several years.

Many of us can often be found at the Clan Donald Tent at Highland Games around the United States.

Hmmm... One assumes we're related!

  • The South Australian State capital, Adelaide, has a suburb named Magill. Located within the metropolitan area is the original Penfolds vineyard established by Dr. Christopher Rawson Penfold in 1844. Penfold's Magill Estate is a single-vineyard wine. As the name suggests, all the grapes are grown on the historic Magill Vineyard.
  • Established in 1821, McGill University is an English-language university located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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