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A note to visitors to this web-site: I created the McGill Society website back in 1995 when I was quite active with genealogy and in various Scottish events (Highland Games). Since that time I have been involved in many different activities which have engaged my interest. This site reflects those interests.

Besides things Scottish, subjects have included Freemasonry, virtually anything with a technology twist - home automation, gaming, civilization and technology, energy issues, space access - and other similar topics that interest me at the time. In general this site assumes interest in rational discussion of technology and civilization.

Dead Links: As anyone who surfs the web regularly knows, websites and web pages come and go on the Internet. The reasons are many and varied. Private authors do not pay to keep up their web hosting services, loose a "free hosting" option, change filenames, decide to remove web-pages, or simply loose interest in the topic. Similarly, commercial websites are bought and sold, simply go out of business, or change their entire structure for many business reasons. Consequently, links to some web-pages become invalid and the files are no longer found on the Internet. You may find a some of these "dead links" to nonexistent web-pages on this site, sadly, there is no way to avoid this troublesome situation.
(Some pages and information may be found via judicious use of the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive, but many are simply gone.)

William H. Magill
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Opinions expressed are entirely those of myself and/or my colleagues and cannot be taken to represent views, past present or future of our employers; nor of the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown nor the Masonic Villages, Inc. See also Magill's Copyright notice.

If you notice something incorrect or have any comment, feel free to send me electronic mail.
If I don't get around to answering immediately, please forgive me.

Personal Home Pages of Residents and Staff of the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown

Some personal pages contain information about the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown, instructional, research, administrative, or public service programs. Other pages include personal interests, avocations, artistic expressions, and links to Internet resources.

Neither the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown nor the Masonic Villages, Inc., previews, reviews, censors, or controls the content of these pages in any way as a matter of course. Authors of these pages are responsible for obeying all relevant laws, and Masonic Village policies where applicable, including those applying to copyright. Views expressed in personal pages are strictly those of the page authors, to whom any comments on their contents should be directed.

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