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Sword Form - Tai Chi Gim / Jian - Tai Chi Sword
Tui Tui Shou Tui Shou

Sword Practice

The Tai Chi sword form is usually done more quickly than the regular form, but the principles mentioned above still determine its correct execution. Two sword practitioners can also perform a duel in which one tries to make the sword lightly touch the opponent's body. The swords are kept in constant contact in order to minimize force and clashing. The qualities developed in push hands such as yielding and listening are essential for correct sword dueling.

The sword form is a very difficult tai chi form to learn. Not only must the practitioner learn and refine the movements of the body, but he must also learn to control the sword as if it were a natural extension of the body. The sword form is performed slightly quicker than the short and long forms, and contains a few more movements than the short form.